Samin’s Vaseline

  • Softener and moisturizer
  • Strong anti-oxidant

Weight: 50 mg



It has skin softening properties.

White paraffin

It has skin softening properties.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)



Use if necessary on your skin after taking a bath or washing your skin (if you felt an unpleasant dryness). To increase the skin’s absorption, you can cover your skin with a plastic bag.


The best time to use Vaseline is when the skin is still wet (right after washing it or taking a bath).

به اطلاع میرساند پرداخت و خرید نهایی سفارشات از سایت گل افشان انجام میپذیرد. بنابراین برای خرید محصول به سایت مرجع ارجاع داده میشوید.