Saminis a brand that was established about two decades ago in Iran by a group of specialists to address the needs of patients with skin-related diseases and problems. Most of Samin’s products are for refreshing the skin, dealing with skin roughness and eczema which are some of the most common skin problems in Iran and worldwide. Saminmoisturizer and emollient creams are based on two key ingredients, eucerin(lanolin) and urea, with differentproprietary formulas produced for children and adults. We can say there is a close relation between making Samin cosmetic products in the Gol Afshan dermatology laboratory and developing other brands and products for the company. Currently, there are several Samin products available for doctors and our dear countrymen suitable for different types of skin. Samin products are distributed among credible cosmetics stores and pharmacies all across the country and you can order them online and receive the productin no time.